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India is a country where people stay together and helps each other in their good and bad times.

There several different religions people staying in India with love. It is also said that India is a land of festival. Because India is the only country where so many different types of festivals are celebrated every year after year.

As people of different caste and religions stay in India accordingly they have their own festivals to celebrate. There are two types of festivals celebrated National and religious festivals.

National festivals are celebrated by whole nation together and religious festivals are celebrated by perticular religions people. In India hindu, muslim, sikhs and christians all community people stay.

Christians celebrate christmas and muslims celebrate Eid. These are the two main and important festivals of these religions. Whereas hindis have many festivals to celebrate throughout the year like Diwali, holi, ganesh chathurti, navaratri, dussera etc. Every festival has its own history and story. As most of the hindus stay in Hindustan (India) and they too have many festivals to celebrate.

So india is also called as the land of festivals. Whichever festival may it be but the people of India share happiness together and spend good time with each other to make the festival more brightening and joyfull.

On this festivals houses and offices are decorated, sweets are shared with friends and relatives. People also goes to eachothers houses and give gifts in form of maney, clothes, sweets etc.Childrens and elders all love festivals but childrens are most awaited.

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As childrens get holidays on the day of fetival. They also get gifts from elders and meet their friends and get different types of delicious sweets and food items to eat. Many times childrens eagerly wait for the festivals because parents promise their childrens to give the thing they need. In the same way people also buy gold, vehical or home on the peticular festival because it is considered ospicious.

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